This Way to Fashion

Arrow boutique points the way to cutting-edge designer clothing

Arrow’s catch phrase is “directional fashion,” which might be a squidgy term for many shops, but owners Michael Basham and Sarah Dwyer know from whence they speak: they were colleagues at the still-mourned high-end boutique Intoto. Clients (at this price point, call them clients!) stand to forgo a few frequent-flyer points, because they can now pick up Surface to Air, Vanessa Bruno, Antik Batik, and L’Agence in Minneapolis.

Arrow carries the exclusive fashion no other local shops do. The word “exclusive” made the owners shudder on my visit: the definition is true, but the attitude is not.

“We’re always looking for something new and good—the stuff people want before they know it,” Dwyer promises. Basham adds, “We’ve been treating L.A., New York, and Europe as special venues. But we have special museums, music, restaurants, theater here. We should also have special clothing.”

121 N. First St., Mpls.