This Week’s Top Beauty Question: Help! How Do I Make Safe Beauty Choices?

This question has come up almost every day this week in some similar form or another. Do you ever have that happen to you where something just randomly makes several appearances in your life that you hadn’t noticed before, such as a car like yours is suddenly on every other corner, a phrase your kids started using at home is suddenly overheard at the grocery store, or as in this case, a common topic of conversation comes up among different work, friend, or family circles.

The question of beauty I am finding is evolving to include not only how-to tutorials and best of product lists (Who doesn’t love to read these! So fun!), but also what are the smartest and safest choices. I think we all want to look and feel good, to feel attractive and like what we see on the outside as an extension of our personalities. The question of what are safe beauty choices also makes a statement that more and more of us want to look and feel good, but not at the expense of our health.

To answer this question, I found a lovely, easy read for you that tackles the top 13 beauty choices out there, and gives some good general options for safe beauty choices. Visit WebMD for an easy on point slide show.

I also have a few simple tips to keep in mind when considering your beauty options.

1. In general, the shorter the ingredients list in your products the better.
2. Ask around and find a dermatologist you can trust that will listen to you and create a healthy and safe routine for you that encompasses healthy diet as well as skin and hair care.
3. For the latest updates on adult products and products for our kids, like shampoos and bubble bath ect., as well as interesting articles on all the big retail and brand companies check out

Also, please refer back to my post 3 Beauty Apps to Keep in Your Back Pocket for apps to easily scan your personal products or products you are thinking of purchasing and give you the most current info available.

I realize there is a sea of information out there so I hope this helps give you a good starting point to further your own research into what is right for you, and also empower you to feel good about your next beauty purchase or service.