Tip-Top Shape

Professional organizer Sarah Gordon puts everything in its proper place

Sarah Gordon is a professional organizer who promises not to judge your mess. The 10-year industry vet is just there to put things in order, through organization, storage, or home staging. Here, in her words, why you should let your excess baggage go.

When I get called, the focus is usually a life-changing event: divorce, a child, a New Year’s resolution. Some people call me while watching HGTV.

Most people aren’t as disorganized as they think. But the system they’re using doesn’t work for them.

Being organized is important for good mental health. When you have piles, it’s a reminder you haven’t achieved something. When you’re organized, your thinking shifts to accomplishments.

When you feel good about your environment, you feel good about yourself.

One Chinese proverb holds that when you release energy into the world, you get it back. In other words, it’s good to let go.

People who have clutter don’t entertain as often. They don’t want people to see what their life is like. Clutter takes away an important component of daily life.

Statistics I’ve read say we use 20 percent of what we save. Just because The Container Store exists doesn’t mean you need more bins.

Don’t keep something just because you bought it. Don’t keep something just because it was a gift. Donate it.

Don’t bother with garage sales. You waste valuable time and energy on them—and you assign more value to the items because of emotional ties.

If you can’t let go of your stuff right away, try to cut down. Then store those items in bins marked with an expiration date. If you haven’t used them by that date, donate.

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