Tips and Tricks for All Around Fabulous Nails

I will never forget some of the simplest and best advice I received when I first started modeling. The photographer I used to work with at Dayton’s (yes, I said Dayton’s) said, “All good models have nice nails.” It was true! And it is a statement that stuck with me ever since.

So what exactly does nice nails mean? Well, in many respects, to each his own. As an artist I really love and appreciate all the fun nail art possibilities, as I am sure many of you do too. However, this nail in particular is not that kind of nail. It is simple, clean, healthy, and not too long. The cuticle is groomed and smooth and healthy, and the nail is gently rounded to match your nail bed.

So how do I get these fabulous nails you ask? Well, have I got some great tips for you! These come from many years of following my photographer friends’ important advice and all the trials and errors that go along with figuring it all out.

Tips and Tricks

1. Keep it simple!

Just like in my first post about keeping your hair hydrated in winter …drink water. We can all do that!

2. Eat healthy!

The same foods that help your hair helps your nails. This is pretty easy right? It’s also fun! I don’t know about you, but I will take any tip that says to eat yummy things.

3. The manicure

Martha Stewart’s website has a great article on how to create a lovely natural manicure. If you do not like a shine finish, just leave off the buffing part and you have a set of perfect manicure instructions.

4. Coconut oil

So you have brittle nails you say? Hello coconut oil ! Massage coconut oil into cuticles, on nails, and hands at night before bed and over time this will help your nails not chip. Bonus is your hands will look healthy and lovely along with your nails.

5. Brighten nails

So you also have a need to whiten and brighten your nails? No prob…here is your recipe:

· Mix to almost dissolved a ½ C tolerably hot water with 4T Baking soda. Then at 2T peroxide and soak nails in the solution for about a minute. Works quickly!

6. Natural nail polish

If you are a polish person, here are three natural polishes you cannot go wrong with

So now you are equipped with what you need to have model nails. Go ahead wave an extra hello to your neighbor with those pretty hands.