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Travel and summer just seem to go together—the kind of travel that’s fun: vacations, seeing family and friends. But it also usually means lots of stuff to cart around.

I travel for a living. My “office” can be a motor home on a property off Mulholland Highway, in Malibu, California, or a studio in Miami, Florida. And as a professional freelance makeup and hair stylist, I need to get all my lotions and potions from point A to point B all in one piece (not to mention my personal stuff). There have been many times where I have opened my suitcase and there has been a body lotion explosion or conditioner leak. Not only is it a pain to clean up but I am one of those people devoted to certain product that I can’t always get another one in a pinch. I also consider myself environmentally responsible, and although I appreciate all the travel size stuff out there I try to reduce, reuse, and recycle whenever I can. So it’s with great enthusiasm that I share one of my favorite reusable travel companions The GoToob by Human Gear.

Here’s what I LOVE about them:

First, the sizing makes sense. They come in three sizes: 1.25-ounce is plenty large for a solo week’s supply of shampoo, conditioner, or other must-have cleanser. The 2-ounce size has a suction cup that attaches to the shower wall, thus making it super convienient in hotels, which often have very little shelf space. The 3-ounce container is large enough for a family trip to the cabin. All three sizes are within TSA carry-on regulations for air travel.

They’re neat: All the containers have large openings that make filling and refilling easy. My favorite is the “no-drip” valve that helps the cap stay clean, and prevents leaking, especially on planes.

They’re organized: There is also a window in the collar where you can choose between common contents such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, as well as a blank space where you can write your own word.

They’re safe: GoToobs are also food-safe and are 100 percent BPA- and PC-free. So you can even bring your favorite salad dressing or ketchup along! (I am on a plane as I write this and I have one filled with agave, my coffee sweetener of choice).

Last but not least, the looks: They are super cute!  The GoToobs really are the perfect travel companions. Best of all, they’ll never ask, “Are we there yet?”

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