Traveling Beauties

In my world, summer means travel—and travel means packing. I’ve spent years perfecting my long-weekend wardrobe, my Europe wardrobe, my cabin wardrobe. Sadly, there’s always one thing missing (a jacket, for the one day out of the year that it rains in Scottsdale), and one thing too many (shoes, always the shoes!). When it comes to my DOP kit, however, I am an old pro. I tote as many little luxuries as I can fit in that ziploc (well, mine is a clear Kiehl’s bag). Here are a few of my favorite travel-friendly products, for your own summer adventure:

Aveda Pure Abundance Hair Potion (.7 oz) 
This dry shampoo soaks up oil and adds volume. I use it on my days off from shampooing, when I want a messy look or a pony tail. Or, when I’m lazy and on vacation but still want to look like I put in some effort.

Bobbi Brown Palette

Rooting around for various pots of blush and pans of eyeshow drives me crazy. I love, LOVE that Bobbi has finally created a system to keep all of my colors in one, neat palette. She launched this personalized beauty system this spring, and I’ve already filled a palette with my must-haves: Pale Pink blush, and eye shadows in Bone, Grey, and Chocolate.

Giorgio Armani Designer Shaping Cream Foundation

I don’t often wear foundation in the summer (too hot, too sticky), but for an evening out I bring along this gorgeous new cream foundation from Giorgio Armani. It contains a bonus SPF 20 and has a matte finish that keeps the summer shine at bay. Most importantly, it’s a solid, so airplane-friendly.

H2O Hydrating Body Butter

(2 oz) 
I stopped relying on hotel lotions long ago. They’re always watery and smell like Lilies of the Valley, unless you’re staying somewhere that partners with a spa line—like the W does with Bliss. This is my all-time favorite body butter. It’s thick but fluffy, so goes on like silk. And the scent is so subtle that it doesn’t compete with any fragrance (albeit sample-sized).