Trend Takeaways

Stylist Alexandra Eve talks about trends past, present, and future for 2018

Alexandra Eve, personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. Photo courtesy Alexandra Eve.
Photo courtesy Alexandra Eve

Stylist and wardrobe consultant Alexandra Eve Howe has loved some of the trends of 2018, like the animal print that has come back, or the Western trend with its prairie dresses and classic button down blouses and fringe accents. The popular pastels and gingham can fold into that, too, or go into a more European look with straw tote bags and sunglasses. There were also, if you recall, those circle bags that were all the rage this summer.

Howe has followed all of these trends from the get-go, and with ease. After all, she has been a stylist for almost 10 years, and this August, she launched her own business. Oftentimes, her clients start with a wardrobe consultation, but sometimes they go straight to their needs, like more professional wear or holiday outfits. Sometimes she works with clients every month, fleshing out another part of her wardrobe. While Howe knows the trends, she also knows how to make sure the client keeps their own personal style. And, while she shops all around, some of her favorites are Stephanie’s for evening and holiday wear, Bluebird for everyday, and Nordstrom for a large department store.

No matter what trend catches your eye, you can tone it up or tone it down depending on your comfort level, says Howe. With the animal print, for instance, you don’t have to go out and buy a leopard print coat. Going with trendy accessories that accent more neutral outfits can be an easier way to try new looks and less of a strain on your wallet. 

For the new year, Howe expects more white and beige colors to carry over with the winter weather as well as polka dots, utilitarian designs like cargo jackets and jumpsuits in neutral tones, and exaggerated sleeve and shoulder details.

Before that, though, is the holidays, and Alexandra Eve can put together outfits for whatever outing you have or help with gift shopping. Here’s her take on the season’s trends:

“Metallic and high shine fabrics are always big for the holidays, so one thing that I’m seeing a lot of that I really love—cute and cozy at the same time—is a metallic pleated skirt with a classic and cozy neutral sweater. It’s still incorporating some of the shine but toning it down with that classic sweater. For a bolder look, you can go with a metallic jumpsuit with some strappy heels with the holiday party.

“Another trend for the holidays that we’re seeing a lot of is velvet again. It’s been around for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Like with the leopard print, it’s the same thing: You can tone it down, maybe carry a velvet clutch bag with embellishments or a pair of velvet ballet flats. For a bolder take, you can wear velvet trousers with a silk blouse.

“[There are also] a lot of jewel tones and lots of black, lots of gold. The deep burgundies and olive green we’re still seeing a lot of, and a lot of white for winter. A jewel-tone really compliments any skin tone; what you have to be more of careful is the lighter tones which happen more in the spring. Jewel-tones, though, are just so classic and rich in color. They work on just about any person.”

And those kitschy holiday sweaters? (I had to ask.)

“I think holiday sweater parties are so fun, too. I mean we’re seeing the cable knit sweaters and the chunky knits worn every weekend. They’re cute and warm. If you want to tone that down, pair them with skinny jeans and taller boots or a longer type poncho sweater and leggings with ballet flats or short ankle booties. I think that’s a cute cozy and casual way to stay warm this winter and also be on trend.”