Truly Tempting

Edina’s new lingerie shop makes it easy to unlock your inner fox

There’s something tantalizing about discovering what’s hidden behind door number three, is there not? In this case, what’s hidden isn’t your average consolation prize—it’s a bonanza of underpinnings women fantasize about.

Jessica Strong and Beth Griesgraber have created what feels like a Hamptons getaway right on 50th & France in Edina, complete with whitewashed floorboards, moss pomanders, and starfish. Come autumn, the store will switch to “chalet season,” with lingerie and accessories that reflect a cozy ski weekend away.

The owners aren’t just good at setting the mood. They’re also good at helping you set the mood, by pulling in several exclusive lines from Minnesota, such as Beautiful Bottoms, as well as the world, in the case of Lanston, which is London-based. The pieces are feminine but not frilly; sexy but not indecent. It’s lingerie at its prettiest and a perfect respite from the chaos of the outside world.

Room No. 3
4945 France Ave. S., Edina