Uncommonly Good

Minnesota’s most iconic storyteller opens up the second iteration of his library-gone-wild bookstore

If I tell you that I’m a born-and-raised St. Paulite, and a bookworm, you’ll know if I call Common Good Books  “pretty good,” that you should rush right over, right?

Garrison Keillor relocated his shop from its former basement space to a corner spot on Snelling and Grand in St. Paul. The new space is airier and has more inventory, but retains its smarty-pants-book-club atmosphere.

I love the simple organization (fiction, comics, reporting, pop culture, large how-to-write and regional sections, children’s) and the tables of featured books, which were laser-focused on the season and current events. I also enjoyed the articulate, delightful staff reviews.

There’s something for all tastes: coffee-table tomes on minimalism in fashion, essays on Hunter S. Thompson, and more. I left with notes on 14 books, which I’ll go back to buy when I’m ready to visit the lake.

Shop there. For your own good.

Common Good Books
38 Snelling Ave. S., St. Paul