Valise Boutique and Apothecary Opens in St. Paul

The new boutique focuses on quality over quantity, and ethically made goods

valise boutique and apothecary, st. paul shops
Apothecary products at Valise

Photo by Tj Turner

St. Paul’s newest boutique is making a strong case for quality, ethically made goods that are destined to stick around your closet for years. Tucked around the corner of a quiet intersection in St. Paul’s Mac-Groveland neighborhood, Valise Boutique and Apothecary is off the beaten path—literally and figuratively. Its selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and skincare is decidedly understated, described by owner Angel Chandler as “subtle, classic, with a modern twist.” Chandler has stocked her store with staple wardrobe pieces, such as silk blouses, elegant wool trousers, sleek capes and dresses, tailored coats, and luxe cashmere sweaters from hard-to-find European designer lines. 

Chandler, a first-time retailer, took measures to ensure that all of the products carried at her shop were made in countries with high standards for ethical manufacturing, such as Italy and France. She’s also stocked the store with eco-friendly cleaning products by the Laundress, products by natural skincare brands Arcona and Odacite, and Jane Iredale makeup, which Chandler swears by. “I’ve been wearing it for 13 years and I’ve never found anything that matches it,” she says.

Prices range from $270 for a silk blouse to $795 for a coat, but to Chandler, a beautiful, timeless wardrobe should be about quality over quantity. “A lot of women are stuck in this trend factor—buying cheap things, wearing them for one season, and throwing them away,” she says. “These pieces are something I hope someone purchases and loves and wears forever.”

244 Albert St. S., St. Paul, 612-749-5029,

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