Vintage Fashion at RetroRama

My mother has told me I was born in the wrong era. I probably was—all the clothing I love best was made in the late ’50s and early ’60s. One of my happy places is shopping vintage clothing and goods on the St. Paul Retro Loop.

So, naturally, I was super excited to attend this year’s RetroRama, hosted by the Minnesota Historical Society. The yearly event features retro snacks (think deviled eggs and pickle roll-ups), vintage shopping (this year provided by Blacklist Vintage), and the vintage fashion show, where local designers re-imagine, design, and otherwise update or modernize vintage looks. I took a few quick snaps (please don’t mind the blurriness, those models did not pause long at the end of the runway).


Channeling Daisy Buchanan!
Hemlines are rising—scandalous!
I love absolutely everything about this look, which included an overcoat and dropped-waist dress designed by Ivan Idland:


The vintage glamour of the 1930s… People looked good, even when times were tough: Joynoelle created this 1930s-inspired stunner (there were audible gasps in the crowd):


Ushering in the era of American women’s sportswear: The sportswear look as designed by George Moskal:


Love the volume in the 1950s dresses.


Classic ’50s prom dress—covered in plastic, so as to be perfectly preserved. Just like Grandma’s couch! This drew lots of laughs. Designed by Max Lorbach.


Well, hello Mrs. Robinson!
Vintage pieces.
And here are the pieces as re-imagined
by Kerry Riley for Red Shoe Clothing:


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