Wardrobe Wizard

StyledLook creates new outfits from your old clothes

Kevin Quinn, a 20-year veteran of the fashion industry, owns StyledLook, a wardrobe-consulting firm, and StyledLife, the Galleria accessories store. He’ll take your broken wardrobe and make it work—starting with 10 to 15 new looks found right in your closet.

How do people get into such a wardrobe quandary? People evolve, but their wardrobes and approaches don’t. They might have the wardrobe for age 28, but not 36. People today buy items, not wardrobes. They buy items that are 70 percent off, but they’re not right.

But people might not want to spend money on a whole new wardrobe. You don’t need all that stuff. Having a defined style helps you stop indiscriminate buying.

Why don’t you sell clothing at StyledLife? Because our consulting clients can really connect with us—I can be an honest broker and recommend items from many different stores, and people can make up their minds about where they want to shop for their clothes.

How do your consultants edit someone’s wardrobe? First, we meet and pre-plan. Then we transform their house with music, candles, and candy. We talk about their wardrobe and create looks. We take photos and notes, and make them a book of the looks. We guide them if they’re missing key items.

What are some quick tips for updating menswear? Men need to embrace knitwear. No more button-downs—stop the insanity! A lot of guys will scream, but a modern loafer instantly updates your look.

Do most people already have the building blocks in their wardrobes but just don’t know it? Yes. Everyone is certain that they don’t because marketing and advertising really sticks. We don’t need any more stuff.

Does dissatisfaction with your wardrobe mean you’re dissatisfied with yourself? Lack of confidence is a serious issue. Some people might think it’s trite, but fashion can be a powerful transformation.

StyledLook, 612-746-5800, wardrobeexperts.com