Watch Grace Kelly Kill a Man!

With giant scissors, the basis for the Jungle Theater’s new play

Dial M for Murder was the first time that Alfred Hitchcock worked with Grace Kelly, and it may have cursed both of them. Kelly, of course, died in a most dramatic way, driving her sports car off a 45-foot embankment. Hitchcock simply never got over her, emphatically declaring his love for her—and putting her in several more films.

We’re the ones who benefited, of course. And to refresh your memory, in anticipation of the Jungle Theater’s new production, opening February 3, here’s the famous murder scene. Apparently, Hitchcock knew exactly what he was doing in selecting an oversized pair of scissors for the dirty deed—freaking us out!

If you want an expert’s take on the film, you could do worse than this summary below of its brilliance by Leonard Maltin in an interview tied to the American Film Institute’s latest ranking of the best movies ever (Dial M came in as the ninth best mystery film).

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