Wazo Designs Jewelry Launches

photos by lindsay locatelli

The tactile surfaces and vibrant shades of the new Wazo Designs jewelry line by Minneapolis artist Lindsay Locatelli calls back to the sun-washed colors, textured landscapes, and unique flora and fauna of New Mexico. The designer lived there for nearly two years after graduating with a fine-arts degree in furniture design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and was inspired by the landscapes. “Because the sun is out almost 365 days a year, it makes everything seem so much brighter,” she says of New Mexico, “so I became less shy about using crazy colors in my work.” Initially hand carving the jewelry from wood, the designer switched to easier-to-manipulate polymer clay, molding it into chain links and striking shapes decorated with acrylic paint. The distinctly sculptural quality of Locatelli’s work is no accident—she likens it to “wearable art.” • wazodesigns.com

reversible wazo earrings

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