Wedding Guys' Wednesday: 3 New Chic, Modern Floral Trends You'll Love

It all begins with four simple words, “Will you marry me?” And with that question, your life is forever changed. You are no longer a “me,” but a “we.” It is no longer “my dreams, my family, my future,” but “our dreams, our family, our future.” A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

But before you walk (or dance) down the aisle, you need to figure out a lot of details.

Enter The Wedding Guys™, Matthew Trettel and Bruce Vassar, recognized internationally as leading authorities on wedding celebrations. Their fun, energetic personalities, keen eye for detail, and passionate love for all things wedding gives couples a fresh new approach to wedding planning.

The Wedding Guys bring years of industry knowledge and trend-forward expertise to Twin Cities couples through their Signature Weddings, Twin Cities Bridal Show, and Unveiled – The Ultimate Wedding Planning Event. They associate and collaborate with leading international couture bridal gown designers—keeping a pulse on fashion trends—while actively working with trendsetting artisans, designers, couturiers, and producers who are leaders in their respective fields.

They will take you from “to-do” to “I do!” in a new eight-part series, “Wedding Guys Wednesdays.” They’ll share fashion advice, answer common questions about ceremony and reception etiquette, and provide the ‘inside track’ to planning your own signature wedding. Along the way, there will be contests and ticket giveaways to the Twin Cities Bridal Show Sept. 21 at the St. Paul RiverCentre.

Styled Floral Adds Personality, Beauty, Unique Element to Your Wedding

In 2015, the way to go is styled floral. Like the design of a lace pattern in fabrics, styled floral assists in enhancing the details of the wedding—intricately weaving everything together. It’s a term that basically means using flowers in non-traditional or innovative ways. 

As an organic form, styled floral provides three-dimensional textures that can enhance certain design elements. Play with shape.

Sometimes designing flowers is not so much about the volume as it is about strategic placement. Clearly we all love over-the-top arrangements and they do have their place at a wedding, but when you are selecting a styled floral look, the carefully thought-out placements will blend with the movement of the room. Often, the smallest floral can also have the greatest impact. Lime green colored kissing balls pair perfectly with halved grapefruits. By pulling the punch of citrus into the floral design, we allowed the grapefruit to not just be a visual element, but also a refreshing scent. Incorporating the citrus scent throughout the design ensemble, we were able to capitalize on the aroma to make a connection with the citrus-inspired menu items.

Placing artistically-designed arrangements in a lounge setting can create a more hip environment. Consider three matching vessels with three different types of flowers in the same monochromatic color family; it gives visual eye-teasing texture and variances to the color. This is popular, too, with bridesmaids’ bouquets.

When using long tables, think of ways to elongate the floral design. Tight compact arrangements can minimize the impact of the floral, but orchid blossoms cleverly extended with acrylic panels create a dramatic centerpiece. Contrasting vases or accessories add a pop to the overall arrangement and unique florals like thistle or succulents bring in new color options to counteract the more traditional florals.

Whatever style you prefer, flowers can add timeless beauty, style, and romance to your wedding day, acting as the finishing touch that ties everything together.

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