What are the Benefits of a Facial?

I haven’t had a facial in…well actually; I can’t even remember how long it’s been!  That explains it! Ironically, I am a licensed cosmetologist, which means I went to school for hair, skin, and nails. I have done all the above at some point during my career (I actually had a fantastic esthetic clientele before I joined the Aveda Corp. in 1990). However, since returning to the freelance business 16 years ago, I had facials with less and less frequency, which is how I arrived at my current facial dry spell.

All that changed this past week thanks to a friend and a thank you gift I received from her. The gift was for a facial at Spa Sweet. I called and made an appointment with the esthetician my friend had recommended. Once I made my appointment I started having second thoughts. What if I don’t like the smell of the product (I detest synthetically-scented skin care)? What if I have sensitivity to the product used? What if the esthetician is too aggressive with extraction? Uncertainty and thoughts of rescheduling swilled in my head.

By the time I had all those conversation again and again with myself, it was time for my appointment. I walked in feeling a sense of skepticism. Sonja, my esthetician, greeted me promptly and led me back to the treatment room. After addressing my litany of questions, I was left to undress and get under the covers. That’s when “my conversion” began.  As soon as I slipped under the covers, I noticed the bed was warm; YES—I can do this!

Sonja was very respectful of all my concerns as well as deft at her craft. I had a wonderful experience. It was relaxing, thorough, and my skin looked great when it was over. I was impressed with the entire experience. Why don’t I do this on a regular basis?

I asked Sonja some questions and I ended up buying the serum she recommended. Why get a facial? She gave me great 3 reasons:

1. Stronger exfoliation than you can get at home that’s tailored to your specific skin type. When you remove dry, dead skin cell accumulation, your skin care works better and your skin looks brighter.
2. Safer gentler extractions than you can do at home. You pickers know who you are—my advice is leave it to a professional. The main difference is during a facial, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, and basically softened so extractions are safer and more hygienic. There’s less of chance of bruising and infection that is common in home treatments.
3. Hydration and overall health of the skin. A good esthetician can evaluate what you are doing at home and help you customize your skin care so you get the best results. Leaving you with healthy, glowing skin.

Upon arriving home following my appointment, my husband noticed my skin immediately. He even asked if I was wearing some different makeup because my skin looked beautiful. 

How often should you get a facial? Ideally every four to six weeks; but Sonja recommends at least once a season. All I can say is, sign me up!

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