What's Your Motto?

Meet Uptown’s newest way to make a style statement

Walking into the first floor of the former Intoto space (that’s gotta be good juju, but also comes with a reputation to uphold), I found that the new shop, Motto, has a literal two-tiered approach. The first floor is stocked with some excellent hostess-gift or pick-me-up shopping: fancily wrapped soaps with fragrances that render them nearly edible; worldly coffee-table books; and home accents such as throw pillows, coasters, and even the mirrors on the walls. 

The second floor is a mix of men’s and women’s clothing. The men’s tends toward traditional with a twist. The women’s selection has an L.A. feel, with drapey fabrics dotting fitted eveningwear (by which I mean sexy cocktail dresses, not ones for an evening at the orchestra).

Overall, the store’s name lives up to the offerings: the ingredients you need to create your personal brand. You know, your motto.

3105 Hennepin Ave. S., Mpls.
612-545-5636, shopmotto.com