Who Wants to Date Me?

Sure, you can bring a date. But don’t be offended if they leave you mid-show.

Blind dates are just plain awkward. Sure, there’s the excitement of meeting someone new, and hoping (fingers crossed!) that it turns out well. But after that initial butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling fades, well, let’s face it: then you’re just two people sitting across from each other, picking at plates of prime rib and desperately trying to remember what your best friend, co-worker, work-out buddy, or—cringe—mom said you supposedly have in common.

Blind DateBut as nerve-wracking as it is to go on a blind date, watching someone else tackle small talk and polite laughter sounds pretty fun, right? That’s what Rebecca Northan thought, too, when she created Blind Date, the latest show to hit the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts’ McKnight Theatre.

The show follows Mimi (Northan), a seductive Parisian temptress, as she goes on a different blind date every night (exhausting, right?). Of course, there’s a twist, for which we’ll give you a clue: Blind Date is a one-woman show, but the main character goes on multiple dates throughout the performance. So where do the extra actors come from? Hint: there’s no imaginary fourth-wall in this production.

If you’ve ever been on a date, thought about going on a date, or even just watched a romcom about dating, you’ll appreciate this fusion show of improv/comedy/clowning/theater. Just don’t get too comfy in your seats…you never know when Mimi will come a-courtin’.

Blind Date
February 22-April 1
Ordway McKnight Theatre, 345 Washington St., St. Paul