Wish Boutique

A secret find in Rosemount filled with jewelry, decor, and more.

Can you think of any of those places that intrigue you each time you drive by? The shop that makes you say to yourself, “I should stop by one of these days”—and it just never happens?

Well, Wish Boutique was one of those places for me. And when I finally stopped in, it turned out to be one of those gems, that secret find you want to tell everyone about—and where you’ll make the time to stop again and again.

 So here’s just a sampling of what I found the first day that I popped into Wish:

– The $25-and-Under Jewelry Bar—seriously! This section features tons of amazing costume pieces for amazing prices.  Anyone who knows me knows how much I love jewelry, and this section is so fun!

-Local designers and brands like Urban Halo, Illume Candles, Laura Hlavac, and owner Katie Terrien’s own line of one-of-a-kind skirts and European vintage tapestry handbags, which were so beautiful. The shop also holds a well-curated collection of special pieces from national brands like Kut Denim, Kerisma Knits, and Capri Blue Candles.

– 15% off 2 items each time you shop.

You can shop Wish a few different ways: Starting February 7, the store will be open for shopping every weekend. Or you can host a trunk show, either with special hostess benefits or with 10% of the events sales being given to a specific charity, school program, sport, or activity as a fundraiser.

There’s a lot to be excited about at Wish beyond just the jewelry and Urban Halo headpieces (my favorites)—it’s clear that Terrien knows how to combine stylish, flattering clothing with accessories that you feel great about, and the store provides outstanding customer service (not something I take lightly—the women at Wish are fabulous).

So go one and make that stop you have been thinking about. You may find your own treasure—and pop by Wish, too! I bet you’ll want to share your finds.