Your Home Blowdry Bar

Blowdry bars have been popping up on street corners across the cities, and with good reason. What woman doesn’t want a salon-fresh blowdry at her fingertips? The classic roundbrush blowdry has long been a coveted look of polished divas from the midwest to Australia and everywhere in between. After many years of giving my clients a step-by-step breakdown of “the blowout,” I decided to develop an easy photo tutorial. Print it out, place it mirror-side and study up. Besides the hair dryer, I recommend picking up these essentials:


The Challenge:

You roll out of bed with a mop of hair that needs some styling love OR you jump out of the shower and do a quick tousled blow dry that must be amped up.

The Prep Product:

No matter your hair type, Nioxin’s Diamax is a must-have. It treats limp tresses to an expanding volume treatment while smoothing unruly strands. Apply to damp hair near the root area.

The Root-Dry:

Lift the root area all over the head and blow dry upward on high speed to eliminate oil and increase volume and texture.

The Velcro Rollers:
Grab a hold of your patience and isolate sections of hair that are the same size as your velcro rollers. (The smaller the roller, the more volume and curl you will create.) Turn heat/speed hair dryer on high and heat up one section of hair at a time until the hair is hot to the touch. Set the dryer down and place the roller at the ends of your hair. Pull hair straight up from the scalp and roll down to sit on base. No clips needed! Spray each section with Sebastian’s Shaper hairspray, medium hold. Continue to repeat this process for the entire head.

The Cool Down:
Wait for the hair on the rollers to cool down and return to room temperature. Remove rollers and turn hair dryer on cool. Blast the hair with cool air while moving in all directions.

The Happy Ending:
Return the hair to your natural part and finish with more Shaper hairspray. Then have yourself a great hair day!

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