Your Wish is Granted

Ask Grant Whittaker your style question, and you shall receive great, colorful advice

“My definition of style is grace, attitude, poise—and it’s all about self expression.”

Style expert Grant Whittaker, usually behind the scenes styling Muse’s Makeover page, is a multitasking dynamo who uses his experience as a fashion producer and director to pull attainable clothing for real-person fashion challenges while still creating high-end fantasy shoots. We thought it was high time to show his talents front and center. Here are a few of his fashion rules.

Tailor, tailor, tailor. If you like something that doesn’t fit quite right, you can still have it. Go get it fixed.

A coat can make an outfit. You could be wearing a trash bag underneath it, but you’ll still look put together.

Embrace emerald green. It’s the color this fall. It adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

No woman should go without nude shoes. They lengthen the leg, add glamour, and work with all your outfits.

Wear the colors you want to wear. The whole warm tones/cool tones thing doesn’t matter. Your attitude will sell it.

Shop high-end stores—even if you can’t afford Armani or Gucci. Try things on—learn what good quality fabrics and cuts feel and look like. That gives you a guide to know what to look for the next time you’re at Opitz or T. J. Maxx. Sometimes you can afford an Armani jacket without Armani funds.

Play in your closet. Spend time mixing and matching pieces you usually don’t put together, and try them on!

Shop high-end consignment. I love Fashion Avenue. I’ve found Sonia Rykiel and Chanel pieces at Savers.

Don’t shy away from pattern. It can shake up your closet and you can mix it with simpler pieces you already own.

Structure is your friend. That’s why you don’t wear pajamas or bare feet out in public. Nip the waist, add height to your shoe. Vintage cuts flatter female bodies.

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