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Yes, there is an Addington behind the brand and his name is Chip. A lifelong outdoorsman and tinkerer he understands the demands of nature’s elements on each piece he crafts. As a boy, all it took was a sketch pad and the great outdoors to entertain Chip.  Always a maker, doodler and crafter he set up a miniature forge to hone his blacksmithing skills at the age of 12. His love of nature and need for gear led him to make his first bag in 2013. In 2014, he opened the current studio and set out on this journey.  Chip picked up his sewing skills at an early age from his Grandmother but the bag making is self-taught. While Chip loves to be leading a trek up North or basking in the quiet solitude of a canoe, the studio and his work bench have set him forth on a journey building these luxe bags of refined ruggedness.  A full day starts with the drive to the studio, brewing coffee, and some sketching with the first cup of coffee. From there it is feet to the ground with sewing, emails and shipping.  Evenings and weekends are spent outdoors or working on his 1915 stone house he shares with his wife near Lake Phalen.


 JUNITA’S STORY | Much more than a survivor of domestic abuse, Junita’s story is one of resilience and love. She found strength baking the recipes of her childhood, which led to a purpose filled business. Junita was not only determined to create a better life for herself and her family, she also made a commitment to embrace hope for others. A portion of Junita’s Jar profits is donated to support education and awareness initiatives dedicated to ending relationship violence. So, when you buy these deliciously wholesome cookies, you become a part of our mission to help women live their best lives.

VISION | MISSION | VALUES: To be a social impact leader delivering the ingredients needed to put an end to dating and domestic violence. Bake hope into every cookie purchase, helping women live their best lives. We believe in the unconditional love of FAMILY, respecting its many diverse shapes and forms. We’re committed to inspiring the COURAGE needed to conquer limiting fears and challenges. We RESPECT individuals and organizations who have made it their mission to become true ambassadors of hope.


Hennepin Made co-founders Jackson Schwartz and Joe Limpert launched their business in 2011, driven by a desire to build something sustainable and transformative for their field. Skilled artists and glassblowers, the duo saw an opportunity to connect their passion for glass with lighting design – and quickly made a national name for themselves.

In 2016, still growing rapidly, the crew purchased, renovated, and moved operations into a 30,000-square-foot former industrial warehouse in Minneapolis’ rising North Loop. Today, the Hennepin Made headquarters is home to seven full-time glassblowers with more than 80 years of collective experience among them, working alongside a team of 10 additional staff.


I am the one-woman show behind Fringe and Fettle Ceramics, every little part of the business is done by me. In 2011 I was working full time when I took a blind leap and quit my job to pursue pottery. I moved up to the north woods of Wisconsin to my family’s cabin and did nothing but make pots for the next 6 months. It was fantastic. Now I am living in the Schmidt Artists Lofts in St. Paul, MN in a community of artists.  And everyday I get to do what I love more than anything else, create.
I make things that I love. That’s the secret. It sounds kind of dumb and simple, but it’s true. I think for a while I was really caught up in trying to make what other people wanted, what would sell well. But it wasn’t until I threw that out the window and started making things that I wanted, that I loved, that I really found my style. I think one of the things I love the most is finding the balance between form and function.  I love the challenge of trying to make something beautiful but also works really well.  My pots are meant to be used and well loved.  I make bowls to be your favorite bowl because it fits the curve of your palm like no other.  Grooves for nice grip and clean edges for good pouring.  My food-focused pieces are influenced by my love of cooking, and made to become an essential piece of your kitchen. I think my pieces have a gentleness to them, a subtleness that is very inviting.  I love the movement that goes into making a pot, the spinning of the wheel, the push and pull of the clay.  My pots are simple and clean, a frozen moment captured in my delicate white porcelain shapes.


Art is an outlet for me because it is a safe place to store honest feelings. Because of this my illustrative characters often carry grief. In other paintings, blessings and joy bleed out of the frame. Pastel colors may mask suspicious character’s twisted thoughts or harsh scratchy line quality can outline innocent animal friends. It’s a mischievous battle between grisly critters and sweet furry folk.


I discovered I really loved making things in 2014. This was about the same time I discovered the things I loved making were things people wanted to buy. I started with furniture, but it was the mosaic wall art that I made from the scraps of my furniture projects that really took off, quickly becoming a full-time business for me and my husband, Nathanael. 

Now, we’ve expanded our team to six (not including our two shop dogs), and we’ve been able to build a life around providing warmth, comfort and inspiration for others.

Yes, we’re big dreamers. Yes, we’re risk takers. But we’re not chasing money. Success, to us, is a life spent loving what we do. It’s in creating a gathering place for our community at our shop. And it’s in bringing calm and simplicity to every life we can. 


Adam Turman is an illustrator from Minneapolis, MN, whose bold style offers colorful takes on beloved landmarks and the great outdoors. Adam’s murals can be found throughout the Midwest, and his prints in private collections worldwide. He works with major brands, independent businesses, and private collectors to make art part of our everyday.

Adam grew up in the Twin Cities and got his start as an artist by making gig posters for bands coming through popular Twin Cities venues. He drew influence from the bold, graphic style of 80s art and comics. Adam started his professional studio practice in 2003, and since then has become one of Minnesota’s most popular artists.

Approaching projects from a graphic design perspective, Adam connects with art lovers through his collection of colorful art screen prints and creates commissioned pieces in the form of logos, illustrations, murals, and paintings. Clients use his work to advertise events, connect with local audiences, and celebrate their organizations. He has worked with businesses including Indian Motorcycles, Founders Brewing, Beam Suntory, SPAM/Hormel, MN State Fair and the Children’s Hospitals of Minnesota, just to name a few.


R&R Cultivation is dedicated to working toward a culture that cares where its food comes from. As a society, we have become increasingly distanced from our food with most people not eating food at all but rather eating food like substances. R&R Cultivation is beginning this journey by being a local grower of many different types of mushrooms including shiitake, oyster, lion’s mane, and many others. As they grow and scale, they will continue to strive to do their part to fulfill their mission and inspire others to live happier and more sustainable lives.

Owner Nick Robinson is a Twin Cities native with a passion for growing fresh, gourmet mushrooms. After getting married in 2012 Nick lived in Shanghai, China for 3 years and visited 12 different countries to explore more of what the world had to offer. After returning home, he started finding ways to give back to his community in a local and meaningful way. After working in education for 3 years and serving on a school board, he was drawn into the world of sustainable living and urban farming through his friend, Lance Ramm. This was where the idea for R&R Cultivation began.


Heidi Skoog is the proprietor of Serious Jam. After nearly two decades as an award-winning florist, she swapped blooms for an apron to pursue her passion for food. A self-taught jam-maker, Heidi combines traditional methods and a flair for experimenting with flavor combinations and unusual ingredients. The result is a well-balanced, vibrant preserve that has a lot of love and story in every jar. Unexpected flavor combinations, such as Blueberry Bourbon Sage, Chai Spiced Pear Butter, and Meyer Lemon Earl Grey Marmalade have put Serious Jam on the culinary map.

In addition to being serious about jam, Heidi is equally committed to teaching others to preserve the harvest, using food and herbs to heal, and testing her theories of kitchen-witchery on her super swell husband Kern and eager friends. Heidi and Kern can often be found slinging jam at farmer’s markets together. They live in St. Paul, MN surrounded by meaningful, hand-chosen objects from their adventures around the globe. 


Sparked around a Minnesota campfire, the idea of a flavorful, better-for-you marshmallow inspired us to create North Mallow marshmallows. 

As camp counselors, we have some serious s’more-making skills and recognized that the simple act of roasting marshmallows created joy and connections among our campers – experiences that would last a lifetime. 

Together as a husband and wife team, we want to share the joyful moments we experienced at camp and successfully improve upon the classic to deliver a delicious line of mallows that roast to the perfect, gooey consistency and that we can feel good about sharing with our family, friends, and campers. 

We believe food should be made with simple, real ingredients. Unlike traditional marshmallows, we never use high fructose corn syrup, chemical preservatives, or anything artificial. That way, North Mallow is a flavorful, feel-good treat that everyone can enjoy.  


Redhead Creamery made our first batch of cheese in 2013 and by the end of 2014 we had built and opened up our own cheese making facility right here on our family farm, Jer-Lindy Farms.  But the ridiculously good cheese you taste today in our cheese shop is the culmination of years of study, trips to artisan cheese plants, funding campaigns, testing, waiting, sampling and starting over.


With over 50 years of professional cooking experience between them, sisters Jule Vranian and Hope Klocker are particular about what they produce. Growing up in a restaurant family, the standards for food quality were high. From early on they learned how to “cook what you cook with pride and excellence,” and there were no better teachers than a large family of expert chefs and serious foodies who have traveled the world and experienced truly authentic gastronomy. No short cuts, no compromise, use real ingredients; make the kind of candy YOU want to eat, they advised. And so we did. Sweet Jules Caramels are the product of many years of testing, family critiquing, loving encouragement, and high expectations.

In 2009, Jule and Hope introduced “Sweet Jules Caramels” to the public, launching their new business venture. Now you too can have a piece of the family history with each sweet morsel.


The Hobby Farmer Canning Company is a company that produces a variety of pickles, pickled beets, hot peppers, & an Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginger, and Honey based beverage called Switchel. We started out making everything by hand from family recipes that are over 100 years old. Some come with a modern twist that we developed to satisfy current trends and tastes, others are produced just like great grandma made them in the old country.

We want our products to give people a good feeling. A feeling that they are eating well, and we want them to share that enjoyment with others. We see the excitement our products bring to the faces of our customers, and we listen to them tell stories of Grandma, and Mother, canning every summer….the familiar smells and flavors bring back pleasant memories of family, and the days of their youth. Recipes that remind them of the times when their relatives canned and shared their love of good, home-made food. It’s amazing to see how something as familiar and simple as a pickle can bring a smile to a face of someone when they least expect it. It is something that gets people talking, and gets them excited for the next bite, the next flavor, or the next meal. Our pickles, beets, peppers, and Switchel make a great gift, a thoughtful gesture to a neighbor, a pick me up for a co-worker, or an excellent holiday, or housewarming present.


They don’t call Martha Rossini Olson “sweet” for nothing. St. Paul native Martha (you may know her as Sweet Martha) and her three business partners – Gary Olson and Neil & Brenda O’Leary – have been selling fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies for over 40 years. And to think it was part luck, as Martha says.

What is now a cookie empire, producing 3 million cookies per day of the Minnesota State Fair, began humbly, with one 9×11 booth in 1979. Now, 40+ years later, you can find Sweet Martha’s at Twin Cities’ events, as well as our frozen cookie dough in area grocery stores, and, of course, every summer at the Minnesota State Fair. 

Try a cone, or perhaps a pail, of cookies for yourself. As Martha says, “Some say our cookies taste better than Mom’s…”


Each Everthine Jewelry piece is handmade in owner and artist Aisha Formanski’s studio, located in the heart of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Her work includes hand stamped jewelry with messages, often secret with a little bit of edge. Formanski is known for her use of natural stones and detailed surface design and producing heirloom quality pieces, ideal for passing down from generation to generation. 


Sanborn Canoe Company began as many of the best things do- with a series of “what-ifs” shared between friends over a campfire. Beginning with little more than a how-to book and some borrowed tools, those dreams took shape in the form of a cedar strip canoe and a quiver of new paddles. Inspired by the deep satisfaction of making something of quality with our own two hands, the idea to build more to share with others was born.As things grew, we discovered lessons learned on the water translate readily to the needs in the workshop. Slow down and be here because a well-placed blade stroke is meaningful whether you’re wielding paddle or a chisel. Be present because you can only finish anything one step at a time. Don’t rush; put your name on this moment. Each Sanborn paddle is made by hand using simple tools. The craftsman brands his initial just beneath the grip of a finished paddle signifying we spent our time on the paddle so you can spend your time on the water. We put a lot into each paddle to make it a functional work of art to inspire your next adventure and take you there. No matter the embellishment, at its heart, a paddle is still a simple tool. Because we put our name on it, you know you can trust it.


As lifelong crafters, Minnesota mother-daughter duo Brittany and Debbie of B+D Custom Crafts have always had a passion for creativity and creating personalized pieces for their own friends and family.

 In 2017, they launched B+D to help their clients rediscover the beauty of personalized gifting and locally crafted décor, while also empowering them to celebrate their own inner creativity with a variety of crafting kits and classes designed for all skill levels. 



Mercury Mosaics started in Mercedes Austin’s art studio. She had spent her early career working in a handmade tile shop and refining her trade in Italy. Then her entrepreneurial spirit took the wheel.The driving force behind Mercury Mosaics is a steadfast conviction: that an artist shouldn’t have to starve to create their masterworks. Mercury Mosaics has always been a bootstrapped operation. The first kiln was funded by Mercedes’ tax return and the proceeds from selling an extensive rare CD collection. She managed to turn her art into a thriving business, and now a one-woman show is a complex orchestration of dedicated craftspeople.


An inspirational American success story, Nordic Ware was founded in 1946 by a determined wife, Dotty, and her resourceful husband Dave, newly back from the second world war. With only $500 in their pockets, a few good ideas and a desire to create a business of their own, a humble kitchenware company was launched from the basement of their home in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the beginning, Nordic Ware’s product line was only a handful of items, all of which were specialty Scandinavian ethnic cookware products—the Rosette iron, Krumkake iron, Platte Panne pan, and the Ebelskiver pan. But times have changed! Undoubtedly, Nordic Ware’s most famous item is the Bundt® pan, which can be found in over 70 million households around the world. Despite a lackluster introduction into our line in the early 1950s, the Bundt® pan rose to worldwide fame when it was used to bake a prize-winning cake in a national baking contest, and the rest, as they say, is history. As the pan found its way into the hearts and homes of people everywhere, the Bundt® cake has become the quintessential American dessert–one that’s become a tradition for countless gatherings and family celebrations.


The best things in life happen slowly. Our founder, Kristin, came to appreciate this after spending a year in the French Alps. Meals were carefully made, paired with just the right wine, and enjoyed slowly with friends and family. It was with this spirit of care for the beauty and simplicity of life that TC Chocolate was born. Each bar is made in small batches at our family owned factory in Northern Minnesota. Our hope is that as we have taken our time on this journey from bean to bar, that you would simply take time to appreciate life as you enjoy it.


Leather Works Minnesota began in a garage just outside of St. Paul, MN in 1999. From the beginning, the dream was to start a company that would inspire a return to “American Made.” Each one of our items are hand made and inspected at every phase of the process. From cutting and imprinting, to piecing, sewing, and burnishing, our team of skilled craftsmen create leather goods that will last a lifetime. No item leaves our shop that we are not truly proud of. Leather Works Minnesota is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Kent & Lee. Their son Nathan, along with long-time friend Joe, work together with a handful of dedicated, like-minded people to skillfully craft each piece. We do what we love, strive to be outstanding, and continue to Fight the Good Fight.


Our brand represents innovation, creativity, and yet historical simplicity. The Dampfwerk is a family distillery located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and our goal is simple:  produce outstanding spirits to be enjoyed in the company of friends and family. It starts with a name:  Dampfwerk.  Like most things we do, it is not the easiest name to pronounce, but it goes to the essence of our process.  “Steam works” is the translated version, and it is essential to the distillation process to produce our premium spirits. But we are not just a name; we are a global family that enjoys the simplicity of a good meal and spirits.  To create these spirits, we have imported a hand-hammered copper still, originating from the Schwarzwald in Baden, Germany.  Like the farmers in Baden, we pride ourselves in building relationships with local orchards and suppliers to produce the best spirit possible under exacting conditions. The idea to start a distillery is not one that we came up with overnight but rather was formed over many years, wondering why so much of the German food culture was lost in the US.  This dream to recreate the food culture is our passion and is the driving force behind our story to create premier craft spirits that we are proud to present to family and friends. Prost. WITH THAT… A DREAM WAS BORN.


Double Take Salsa exceeds expectations of salsa and hot sauce lovers with its flavor first, heat second approach – packing each jar with complex, rich, delicious flavors that have just the right bite. Starting with the highest quality produce from local farmers and concentrate the flavors by roasting the fresh ingredients, not by adding artificial ones.  The difference is evident every time you open a jar. 

Mama Kicks is a sauce and marinade company that makes global flavor not only accessible but approachable. Bottling-up authentic recipes from around the world using all natural ingredients, Mama Kicks adds bold, diverse flavors to your kitchen with ease. Mama Kicks is also a certified woman-owned business that donates a percentage of profits to help women entrepreneurs achieve independence and equality in business.


Sarah Kieffer lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, surrounded by lakes and trees and a never-ending winter. A self-taught baker, she has worked at various coffeehouse-bakeries in Minneapolis and also in Winona, MN. After her two children were born she made the decision to be a ‘home’ baker. She enjoyed this period of cooking and baking the most. After years of figuring things out, experimenting and repeated efforts, She feels comfortable in the kitchen. It is calming, and brings her so much joy.  “100 Cookies” has topped many a “must read” and gift guide list this year!


With a background in the arts, Sumner understands the creative process from start to finish. He loves the power of sharing through storytelling and thoughtful design. He is the talker and the dreamer with a playful attitude and a streak of snarkiness. Sumner tells it like it is and believes that makers and artisans are not made by just those who work on it but by those who experience it!