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Not everybody has it so good

Pizza Mystic

I forgot that Dara doesn't do simple.

Secrets of Superior

The Insider's Guide to the Best of Grand Marais, the North Shore, Bayfield, and Beyond

Cabin Fever

I never ever want to own a cabin.

Pundit Class

This month’s issue of Minnesota Monthly includes something that’s a little unusual for us: a lengthy Q&A with Secretary of State Mark Ritchie. The Minneapolis Democrat was thrust into the national spotlight last year...

Man in the Muddle

When Minnesota’s Senate race resulted in a virtual tie, Secretary of State Mark Ritchie found himself in the middle of the dispute over the winner—and a debate about the electoral process itself.

Sid But True

This month, we feature two stories on different topics that nevertheless have a common theme. Both stories tend to be on subjects that a lot of people find mysterious, fascinating, and, at times, highly...

Of ‘Wiches and Witches

One of the things that I love about working at Minnesota Monthly is that I’m surrounded by people who are a lot cooler than I am. Whenever I have a question about, say, what...

Classic Act

I’ve never been very good at the Valentine’s Day thing.

The New Classics

From old-school restaurants to iconic inventions and classic characters, here’s a hand-picked list of places, people, ideas, and objects from Minnesota that have stood the test of time—yet remain au courant.