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Bonfire of the Insanities

Flames, a crossbow, bones, and blood. How a dispute between three Minnesota siblings turned deadly.

Repo Man

How Doug Kelley plans to right Tom Petters's many wrongs.

The Suicide Watcher

Authorities allege that a Faribault man posing as a nurse urged two young people to take their own lives. But was it a crime?

Lawyer vs. Vatican

St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson is close to holding Rome—and the pope—directly accountable for covering up sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

To Catch A Killer

St. Paul detective Anita Muldoon and a crew of retired homicide cops sift through decades-old evidence to find the key that will close cases gone cold.

Dog Fight

Our pets have everything from day care to yoga, and now lawyer Marshall Tanick wants to give them legal rights. But is this a good idea?

Without a Trace

Twenty years ago this month, 11-year-old Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped from his hometown of St. Joseph. Here’s how the case changed our culture, our laws, and our sense of ourselves.

Trust Me

Federal investigators allege that Tom Petters spent years building a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme to finance his luxe lifestyle. So why didn’t sophisticated investors see any red flags?

Soldier of Misfortune

When Paul Reuben signed up to work as a private security guard for a contractor serving the American military in Iraq, he hoped to make good money. But the job may have cost him his life.

Making the Grade

Looking to get Jane or Johnny into Harvard? Check out our first-ever guide to local high schools. Plus, everything you need to know about how a school gets buzz—and what it really means.