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The Power—and Piousness—and Frustration—and Sorrow—of One

How Cheryl Johnson became C.J., the most infamous journalist in Minnesota.

Great Escapes

Books and music reviewed

Women and Children First

Books and music reviewed

Minute Critic

Out Stealing Horses and Lolly Pop

Minute Critic

The Not So Big Life and Captain Yonder

True Grit

Experience the real ways of the west at Knife River Ranch in North Dakota

24 Ways to Get Lost… And Find Yourself

Need rejuvenation after enduring another Minnesota winter? Reconnect, refresh, recharge, and reenergize with a spring trip.

MN Favorites

Think of our Minnesota Favorites as the crème de la crème, the best of the best, the standouts among the superlatives that already make our state great.

Book ’em

Gift ideas from the land of 10,000 tomes

40 Moments That Changed Minnesota

Four decades ago, Minnesota Monthly got its start. Here are 40 events that have had undeniable impact on Minnesota and its inhabitants in the past 40 years.