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Elizabeth’s Pick: One Last Visit to Palomino

Shocker: Palomino closes this week, and Crave will replace it.

Elizabeth’s Pick: Thanksgiving Detox in a Bottle

St. Paul-based Unpeeled is perfect for tackling what you loaded up on all weekend.

Elizabeth’s Pick: The Egg Sandwich I Can’t Stop Eating

I’m not kidding. I can’t stop eating this egg sandwich.

Water World

A visit to the Kohler Waters Spa in eastern Wisconsin may be just the thing to ward off winter’s chill, improve your golf game, or learn to cook like a pro.

Elizabeth’s Pick: Free-Range Turkeys from Wild Acres

Farm-fresh Wild Acres birds will change your Butterball perspective.

Elizabeth’s Pick: Free Cupcakes at Sweets Bakeshop!

If that headline doesn’t grab you, then how about these small wonders...

Elizabeth’s Pick: The Lounge at WA Frost

This cozy, cavernous basement is open daily for cocktails and canoodling.

Thanksgiving To Go Takeout Feasts

KOWALSKI’S MARKETSSpecialty: Traditional FeastThe Spread: Look to your right. Now look to your left. Chances are, one of these folks gets their entire thanksgiving spread from this local grocer. And who can blame them...

Elizabeth’s Pick: Chaider at Janine’s Coffeehouse

It’s about that time of year, when my cravings for Chaider kick in.

The Art Land

Just across the Minnesota–North Dakota border, Fargo serves up some visually stunning surprises.