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Power to the Public

Tricia Khutoretsky revives the art party with her wildly social new gallery, Public Functionary

There is No Way This Isn’t Selling Out

Brother Ali plays a $5 show at the Triple Rock

The Miracle of Birth Barn…For Art

Midway’s Monster Drawing Rally finds a new, monster-sized space

Because Nothing Says Rock ‘n’ Roll like Squeegees and Cupcakes

Gig-poster maven Miss Amy Joe celebrates five years in business

Bizarre Bazaar

Alex Kuno and Cheryl Wilgren Clyne mount a dark and sinister holiday art sale

Basking in that West Bank Funk

The University of Minnesota's Regis Center for the Arts turns 10

The Biggest Art Museum Event of the Weekend is in….St. Paul?

Museum-less downtown St. Paul gets its iconic art space back. But only for the winter.

Grief-Be-Gone, One Stroke at a Time

Minneapolis artist Mary Simon-Casati mourns her mother using paint and repetition

Believe Me, We’re Not Here for the Money

Real actors play real heroin junkies playing real actors in Shirley Clarke’s jazzy, avant-garde opus, "The Connection"

The Man with the Scribble Jam

Northrup King hosts a posthumous retrospective for jack-of-all-trades Daniel Kaniess