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Jason DeRusha
Jason DeRusha is Minnesota Monthly’s food critic and editor. He was a James Beard Foundation Award finalist for his TV work covering food and is also WCCO-TV’s morning news anchor. Follow him on Instagram, @DeRushaJ, and Twitter, @DeRushaEats.

DeRushaEats: Loss for The Biggest Loser, Victory 44 For Me

Did Bar La Grassa miss an opportunity? And chefs serving can be great.

DeRushaEats: Why Isn't This a Fish Fry Town?

I want to eat fish fries in the summer and the fall and the winter! Help me restauranteurs!

DeRushaEats: EAT THIS At Heidi's, Corner Table & Piccolo

I've had an incredible two weeks of eating at three of the top restaurants in town.

DeRushaEats: 2011 Food Resolutions

Goals for restaurants, diners, and myself. Yours?

DeRushaEats: At TGI Friday's

A coupon got me to TGI Friday's. And I lived to tell the story.

Project Runway

Blvd is clearly a crowd-pleaser. The menu is familiar, the food is competently executed, and the concept should work well as a future chain.

DeRushaEats: Why Travail Needs to Hire Servers

Travail's service needs to match its reputation.

DeRushaEats: The Most Fun I've Had Eating Out In Months

The Glockenspiel Restaurant in St. Paul surprised me, and is worth a trip.

DeRushaEats: What Does a Four Star Rating Mean to You?

Do four stars mean perfection? Do Minnesota critics score on a curve?

DeRushaEats: Ecuadorian Food

Chimborazo is the kind of place I wish I had in my neighborhood.