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Jason DeRusha is Minnesota Monthly’s food critic and editor. He was a James Beard Foundation Award finalist for his TV work covering food and is also a WCCO Radio host. Follow him on Instagram, @DeRushaJ, and Twitter, @DeRushaEats.

Short Listed

Terra Waconia is charming. Imperfect. Ever-changing.

DeRusha Eats: I Bought A Cow

It's one more step toward a more local and organic style of eating.

Mall New World

Here’s the inside scoop on the best of the new eateries at the country’s largest indoor shopping destination.

DeRusha Eats: Haute Dish Lives Up To The Hype

Get to Haute Dish. The vibe is great. The food is fantastic.

DeRusha Eats: Admission Tickets for Dinner

Would you support a flexible pricing system for restaurants, based on demand?

The Biggest Mouth In Food Blogging

Bill writes at LazyLightning.org and was nice enough to answer a couple questions.

Do you tip on alcohol?

Do you tip a lower percentage on alcohol compared to food?

Ringo Opens in St. Louis Park

Ex-Cargill executive Jim Ringo is either crazy or brilliant.

Dinner on a farm for $150? Really?

Food has value. Chefs and restaurants should be paid. But $150 a head?!

A Promising Start

From savory flatbreads to tender osso buco, the dishes at Aperitif give diners a reason to toast new beginnings