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Kid Requested, Chef Made: Mac and Cheese Casserole

Making mac from scratch is easy and you get to use a classic French sauce-making technique.

Cooking Beans with Great Texture

With family gone and no one to cook for, I settled into cooking some comforting beans.

Using Fat to Add Flavor

Instead of tossing the fat by-products from cooking, use them in your next meal to add flavor.

Remembering a Party with Charlie Trotter

As Charlie Trotter closes his famous Chicago restaurant, it's clear he's left his mark on many—including me.

Cooking Egg Rolls for a Birthday

I usually offer food, as a small way to communicate and share during tough times.

A Busman’s Holiday

December used to be a feat to be accomplished more than a season to be enjoyed.

This Year, Tip the Turkey

Turkey legs and thighs take longer to cook than the breasts, so here's a Thanksgiving cooking solution.

How to Think and Cook Like a Chef at Home, Part One: The Rules...

Family meals at restaurants have many rules that mirror a well-run home kitchen.

Free Restaurant Labor Tastes Great

Many of your favorite restaurants use unpaid interns. Are you ok with that?

Lambfest 3.0—I Gotta Get a Disco Pan!

Another year of procrastination turned into quite the lamb feast at an annual potluck.