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The Art of Gift Reception

Jordana realizes the perils of receiving.

In Defense of Presents

Jordana gets into gift-giving.

In Defense of Presents

Growing up it was a constant battle: Which was better—Hanukkah or Christmas? Christmas always wins because, well, it’s CHRISTMAS! The only viable argument any Jewish kid had to defend Hanukkah was that it lasts...

A Love Letter to My House

Jordana practices the art of saying goodbye.

Trying New Things and Falling Down

Jordana and co. conquer the hills of life.

What to Do When You're in Debt

Hitting financial rock bottom

The Upside to the Stomach Flu

The silver lining to being sick

When to Hold On and Let Go

Fate teaches Jordana a lesson about surrendering the little things.

How to Appreciate the Little Things

Jordana appreciates the little things.

The Truth Hurts, but Lying is Excruciating

Jordana faces the hard truths about growing up.