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Yoga Should be America's Pastime

WCCO's Jordana Green finds peace amid the negativity of the election

Open the Bottle

WCCO's Jordana Green honors a friend who was full of life

Never Perfect

When something goes wrong, WCCO's Jordana Green has learned to laugh it off

The Bat Mitzvah

WCCO's Jordana Green shares the speech she gave for her daughter's big celebration

Some Assembly Required

WCCO'S Jordana Green was determined to assemble a basketball hoop for her son and finds it's more complicated than expected

Fashion Forward: Lessons from the Dressing Room

WCCO's Jordana Green goes shopping with her 12-year-old daughter and isn't excited about her fashion choices

The Birds and the Bees

WCCO's Jordana Green has the awkward talk with her son in a very 21st century way

It Could Happen to You

WCCO's Jordana Green shares a story about getting scammed

Happy Single Mother's Day

WCCO's Jordana Green learned to embrace change and new traditions when she became a single mother

96 Years Old and Still Sparkly

WCCO's Jordana Green accepts a special gift from her grandmother