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WCCO's Jordana Green expresses gratitude for the freedom to share her faith

An Ollie of Faith

WCCO’s Jordana Green struggles with learning how to snowboard. Were the bruises worth it?

It’s Not a Date

WCCO’s Jordana Green remembers young love and heartbreak

Let’s Go Orange!

WCCO’s Jordana Green reminisces about attending Syracuse University

Hidden Miracles

During the week of Purim, a Jewish holiday, WCCO's Jordana Green reflects on the power of miracles

Nobody’s Perfect

WCCO’s Jordana Green attends her daughter’s book club and is reminded of an important lesson

You’re Making What?

WCCO's Jordana Green decides to trust her kids when they want to make an unusual Jell-O creation

Did I Leave the Oven on, or Did You?

Jordana’s kids baked snacks while she was asleep, which made her wonder—is it time to give them more independence?

I Buy “As Seen on TV” Products

WCCO’s Jordana Green admits to impulse purchases, but blames her habit on optimism

Learning to Struggle

When Jordana's son experiences trouble with a math test, they both discover that the hard way sometimes teaches the best lessons.