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Waste Not, Want Not

Produced locally in Owatonna, Bushel Boy Farms tomatoes takes care with natural resources. Presented by Bushel Boy.

JD Fratzke of Strip Club Meat & Fish on Winter Inspiration

Chef JD Fratzke looks for new ways to use local ingredients even when the ground is solidly frozen.

The Importance of Knowing Where Your Food Comes From

Learn how the people at Bushel Boy, located in Owatonna, Minnesota, bring a tomato from seed to vine to your table all year round.

Drink Recipe: A Town Without a Name

This drink is a perplexing mix of winter and summer, using tomato water with bourbon and spice with a thread of sweetness. Presented by Bushel Boy

Farmers Won't be Stymied by a Little Polar Vortex

Even in the dead of the Minnesota freeze, local farmers still find ways to grow fresh produce. Presented by Bushel Boy

Here’s to Your Health

Bushel Boy tomatoes are jam-packed full of nutrition. Presented by Bushel Boy.

Thomas Kim of The Rabbit Hole on Local Ingredients

Thomas Kim is committed to sourcing his ingredients locally whenever possible. Presented by Bushel Boy.

Spanish Style Shrimp Recipe

Bring the flavors of Spain to your dinner table with this Spanish Style Shrimp recipe. Presented by Bushel Boy.

Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam Recipe

When you crave a bit of summer in the middle of winter, lift your spirits by making this Smoky Sweet Tomato Jam. Presented by Bushel Boy.

Local Sourcing in the Middle of Winter

Is winter over yet? We want to garden! Presented by Bushel Boy.