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Shannon Olson is the author of the novels Welcome to My Planet and Children of God Go Bowling

Home Again, Home Again

Their job prospects? Scarce. Their degrees? Almost worthless. Their digs? Home with the parents. Recent grads have it rough, but they aren’t the first generation to face tough times.

Foreign Frontier

A trip into the territory of parenthood can seem exotic—till the seas turn Stormy, the skies darken, and the natives get restless

L.A. Confidential

The slightest brush with fame can change a person

Back to Reality

April isn’t the cruelest month. In Minnesota, it’s August—hot, sticky, and overshadowed by the responsibilities that follow Labor Day.

Turf Battle

What lawn care taught me about independence and relationships

Fresh Air

A week spent at a summer camp for asthmatics.

Words Fail

Finding a card that's right for mom