Best of Show Winner

With the Highest score across all categories, Leinenkugel’s – Juicy Peach

Best of Beer Winners

CIDER: Loon Juice – HoneyCrisp

FLAVORED: Leinenkugel’s – Juicy Peach

IPA: Goose Island – Tropical Beer Hug

LAGER: Surly Brewing Co. – Before I Die

NA: Summit Brewing Co. – Dark

PALE ALE: Burning Brothers Brewing – Pyro American Pale Ale

STOUT: Lift Bridge Brewery – Irish Coffee

WHEAT: Fergus Brewing Co. – Cabin Sunrise Orange Wheat

Ready to Drink (RTD)

On the Rocks Cocktails – Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita


High Noon Seltzer – Vodka Seltzer Peach


Kite Soda – THC Craft Soda Root Beer

Cheers to the champions of the Best of Show & Best of Beer competition, and to a future filled with exciting and delicious brews!

How are the drinks judged? There is a panel of experts who participated in a blind taste test and rank which ones they think are worthy of claiming the title!

A resounding applause for our beer aficionados who have emerged victorious in the Best of Beer battle! Your craft and dedication to the art of brewing have earned you this prestigious honor. From IPAs to stouts, lagers to ales, you’ve delighted our palates with your exceptional creations. Cheers to your triumph and the delightful libations you’ve shared with us all!

To all beer lovers out there, keep exploring, discovering, and savoring the wide world of beer. With every sip, we embark on an adventure that transcends borders and brings people together. Share your favorite brews, support your local breweries, and let the beer community flourish.

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