Exhibitor Lanyard

All exhibitor lanyards are claimed on site at the Exhibitor Check-In table located at the event load-in/out (see map below). You are required to wear the lanyard at all times when on event grounds and visible by event staff. If a staff member is splitting a shift with someone, it is their responsibility to make arrangements to transfer their lanyard to that person. Our staff can hold lanyards for you at the Exhibitor Check-In table. If you are unsure how many lanyards come with your participation, please reach out to Rick Krueger at rkrueger@greenspring.com. Additional lanyards can be ordered in advance with our Show Service Order Form or purchased on site at the Exhibitor Check-In table located at the event load-in/out (see map below) Each additional lanyard is $10.00. Orders must be placed by October 10.


Exhibit areas must be staffed from 1 pm – 5 pm, and the areas must be completely set and staffed by 12:30 pm. Under no circumstance should your exhibit area be without a staff person. 

All staff on-site setting up and working during show hours must be 21+.

All staff (attendees, exhibitor, etc.) must be 21+ during show hours, including load-in and load-out hours. No exceptions. Please have photo ID easily accessible. Children are not allowed during load-in and load-out times or during the event.

Garbage & Excess Product Disposal

Please be sure to keep your trash and recycling organized for the cleaning team before, during and after the event. After the event, please place your trash and recycling in front of your table. You can rent small black trash cans (Show Service Order Form) but if you plan to have large amounts of trash, empty bottles or cans, etc., we suggest you bring your own large trash can/drum. 

If you have alcohol left over after the show, you MUST take it with you. Giving attendees excess alcoholic product is illegal.

Product Shipments

This venue is unable to accept advance shipments, and any early delivery will not be accepted with return fees the responsibility of the sender. The best method for delivering product to the event is to bring everything with you during setup. If you have questions or would like to discuss a shipment sent to the Minnesota Monthly office, please reach out to Rick Krueger | rkrueger@greenspring.com

Exhibit Space Amenities

Your exhibit fee includes a 6’ table with a black linen. If you serve food, you will get an additional skinny 6’ prep table with linen. We highly suggest that you bring your own branded table cloth to elevate your booth and branding opportunity at the event. There is no pipe/drape or carpeting. All areas of the event are outside. It is suggested that you bring a 10×10 tent for your space. 

NOTE: If you are serving food or beverages a tent is required.

Ice, bus tubs, water pitchers and dump buckets will be provided to exhibitors sampling beverages.

Sampling supplies are NOT provided. Exhibitors are responsible for providing their own bottle openers, corkscrews, bar rags, product and personnel.

Guests will be provided with a sampling glass at the entrance to the event.


If you need access to electricity, you must pay for it via the Show Service Order Form. The maximum power supply that is available is 120v/ 20amp. Orders must be placed by October 10. 

Exhibitor Space Guidelines

– Exhibit Display / Signage Restrictions: Please be sensitive of your neighbors when setting up your display area. All signage materials must be contained within the realm of your space/table. The event team reserves the right to have your area adjusted should we find you are obstructing your neighbor. You are not permitted to hang signs outside of your space. Signage must look professionally made.

– Tents: All tents must be secured by water ballasts or other weighted means. Absolutely no staking will be permitted.

NOTE: If you are serving food or beverages a tent is required.

– Literature and Noise Restrictions: Interviews, demonstrations, and distribution of literature must be done within the exhibitor’s space. You may not “work the aisles.” Amplified systems, loud music, or other noise which interferes with other exhibitors is prohibited.

Food & Beverage Vendors

TENT REQUIREMENTS | Any vendors providing food or beverage samples at the event must be located under a tent. This can be self-secured or rented from Greenspring Media’s Show Service Order Form.

Hand-Washing Stations You are required to have hand washing supplies if you are sampling food or serving beverages. Greenspring Media will supply hand-washing stations to meet the Hennepin County Health Department guidelines. You are responsible for complying with all other Hennepin County Health Department regulations found here: Hennepin County Food Guidelines

Load-In and Load-Out

Load-in will begin at 10 am. | Exhibit areas must be staffed from 1 pm – 5 pm, and the areas must be completely set and staffed by 12:30 pm.

You can access the load-in and out location at Summit Dr. N and Summit Dr. Please see the map below. This street is behind the main entrance to the event.

You will be allowed 15 min max to unload your vehicle. See the unload zone on the map below. We would ask that you drop your supplies by the Exhibitor Check-In Table and park your vehicle in the designated Exhibitor Parking marked on the map below. 

After you have parked and returned to the unload zone, you will check-in at the Exhibitor Check-In table. Here you will be able to rent any needed show items and will be directed to your booth location.

Load-out will begin promptly at 5pm. The load-out location will be in the same location as load-in.