MN Etsy Finds

Midwest Home is a huge proponent of shopping local, but when you've got a to-do list a million miles long, the siren call of...

Sue. Z's Finds

Minnesota-grown pumpkins, sweet, salty, chocolately, snacks and more!

Got All Weekend? Hit All 14 Homes on the Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour!

We outline the perfect itinerary for seeing all 14 homes on the Midwest Home Luxury Home Tour during the last weekend of the 2014 Tour.


It seems a bridge supports much more than traffic.

Festive Dress—Holiday Party Wardrobe Ideas

Sequins, lace, taffeta, leather: Holiday dressing is all about the texture

Design Trends

Dear Expert: In your opinion, what is one of the biggest design trends today? A: The biggest "trend" I see in interior design is a...

Healthy Recipe

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Remodel Like a Pro (Wisdom from Mary Jane Pappas)

Mary Jane Pappas, one of the fixtures in Minnesota's interior design community, does a nice, condensed presentation on fundamentals of remodeling. The Pappas office...

Running after a Dream

SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION photo courtesy of Competitive ImageLast Year’s Medtronic TC 10 Mile Winner Pursues his Passion and Prepares for Olympic TrialsMatt GabrielsonMy goal is...