September 2006 Letters to the Editor

Props for female priests, and our resident doctor picks a fight with the art department. Bring it on, sawbones.

LOL Seasonal Recipe

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Top 10 Restaurants in 80 Cities

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Yum! Kitchen & Bakery

Cold Comforts: Yum! Kitchen & Bakery serves up salads, soups, and sandwiches that beat the heat.

A Look Inside

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My Big Pony

Horsing around with the Twin City Polo Club.

Fair Thee Well

Birkenstocks, batik, berets—must be art fair season.

Fork in the Road

Will Brenda Langton’s Spoonriver make healthy food hip?

Citizen Hong

Fear and loathing, murder and mayhem, exclusion and assimilation: one man’s American journey, set against the “tong wars” in 1920s Minneapolis.

The Parent Trap

When kids leave for college, parents beam with pride. But when the first cry for help comes—a roommate problem, registration snafus— moms and dads often find themselves wondering what to do. Send brownies? Call the dean? Dispatch a moving van? The choices aren’t always clear. So here’s a parents’ guide to surviving the first year of college.