Minnesota’s Pep Squad

The players aren't the only ones who sell the seats. These hometown entertainers work overtime to energize the crowd and keep fans on their feet.

Jasmine 26

From deli roots, this Vietnamese bistro goes upscale

What Would Ben Do?

Three hundred years after Benjamin Franklin’s birth, publisher Eric Utne shows how the founding father’s counsel can make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Sara Darling, Owner, It’s Just Lunch

After having tried personal ads, online dating, and getting set up by friends, most singles get tired of thinking: “Why is it so hard...

Vote for Me

Think you know the candidates? (Warning: This quiz may depress you about the state of democracy.)

The Arts

Minnesota Monthly's recommendations for cultural diversion in February 2007

Café Maude Tour

Take a look inside Café Maude, a new bistro in the Armatage neighborhood, just south of Minneapolis.

Let Them Eat Steak

A local restaurant powerhouse serves fillets in the suburbs

Il Vostro

Il Vostro gets the boot-Italy, that is.


Through the Go Red For Women movement, the American Heart Association has effectively communicated a message of heart healthy living and the statistic that...