Long Live the Theater

Manny Azenberg, Peter Michael Goetz, and Joe Dowling had a chat Monday night. Today, I dissect it.

Don't Wait to See “Waiting for Godot”

The Jungle Theater's latest production is both thought-provoking and wickedly funny

A Knockout Performance

A husband and wife duo throws a winning one-two combination in Trick Boxing.

Does Being Famous Matter on Broadway?

TV bigshot John O’Hurley stars in Chicago at the Ordway. But do we care?

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Your guide to this year's Fringe Festival

Not Your Average High-School Musical

The third installation of Illusion Theater's Fresh Ink series brings together Greek gods, 8 actors playing 25+ roles, and singing. Lots of singing.

Bringing Texas to Minny: The JFK Assassination, Revealed

Part two of Illusion Theater’s Fresh Ink series takes us out of 2012 Minnesota and into 1963 Texas

The Show Must Go On

Guthrie Theater's newest show, The Sunshine Boys, proves that some things really do get better with time

Best Friends Forever: Inside the Minds of Peter Michael Goetz and Raye Birk

The stars of the upcoming Guthrie show The Sunshine Boys talk Hollywood, one-liners, and what it takes to make it 50 years in the theater biz

Behind the Scenes of the Freshest Shows in Town

Illusion Theater's "Fresh Ink" festival turns 25 this year. In a three-week Q&A series, we talk with the artists behind the productions to give you an insider's scoop on the shows.