What to Drink Now

Vintage port, the English aristocracy’s postprandial tipple of choice, is an intensely flavored, luxuriously sweet wine.

Scotch of Ages

Extra time in the barrel brings out the best in Scotch whisky.

Zin Master

With his unswerving devotion to venerable vineyards, Ridge Vineyard’s Paul Draper has done more than anyone to raise the profile of Zinfandel.

Munich in Minnesota

Local Oktoberfest beers go head-to-head

Go Finger

Head to New York's Finger Lakes Region to sample world-class wines from their native settings.

The New Gin Game

Exotic citrus and other unusual flavorings have become big players.

Fresh Fruit

New fruit-flavored spirits give a fresh twist to these original drinks.

Clearly Italian

There’s a wide world of Italian white wine to explore beyond Pinot Grigio.

Brew Ha-Ha

Keep it local with these Minnesota breweries and wineries.

BYO Bottle

Bringing wine into an upscale restaurant must remain a mutually respectful practice for it to continue.