Left to right: U.S. House representative Andrew Volstead, who pushed through the act that outlawed alcoholic beverages in the United States; Surly owner and brewer Omar Ansari, who pushed through the law that allowed breweries to serve beer on-site

Minnesota’s Alcohol Laws: A Brief History

From the 100-year-old Volstead Act to arguments about 3.2 beer, here are six key moments

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There are new opportunities to celebrate the 22nd annual Food and Wine Experience, including an intimate winemakers dinner at Marin March 3 and a fun and educational beer seminar March 6.

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Start Your Engines

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The Day of the Daiquiri

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From Argentina to Minnesota: Piattelli Vineyards Launches Second Line

Owned by a Minnesota native, Piattelli Vineyards of Argentina has launched a new line of wines, now available in the state

Women in Brewing: Learn More at the Twin Cities' “Women in Beer” Panel

The Herkimer Pub and Brewery in Minneapolis will feature eight female movers and shakers who will discuss the business of brewing September 17 from 6 to 9 p.m.

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