The Salad Bar

A fast-casual veggie option takes to the skyway

The Freehouse

True to its something-for-everyone ethos, the Blue Plate Restaurant company’s newest eatery, The Freehouse, paints a broad stroke, summed up by its slogan “breakfast to beer.”

Nico's Taco

Can it break the real-estate curse?

Rabbit Hole

A trip to Wonderland buoys the Global Market

Honey & Rye Bakehouse

The new St. Louis Park bread-and-pastry shop that popped up in a former dry-cleaner’s reflects both the rise of office casual and the daily procured loaf.

Eat Street Buddha Kitchen

Not in Pham-land anymore

Will Marin’s Healthful Eats Fill Seats?

The Chambers hotel hopes the third time’s the charm

Airport Eats Fly High

Chefs from top local restaurants create a dining destination

Is Burch the Steakhouse of the Future?

A leaner and greener concept comes to Lowry Hill

Hot-dish Haute

Parka as the über-Minnesota restaurant