Chef Shack Ranch

Food-truck favorite sets down down-home roots.

The Midwest's Foodie Mecca: Alinea, Chicago

One of the world’s best restaurants is just a puddle-jump away.

Hen House Eatery

With an afternoon-long happy hour and a cheery staff serving up breakfast, lunch, and brews, Hen House Eatery is giving downtowners something to cluck about.

Hammer & Sickle

Bold Russian cuisine in Uptown, Minneapolis.

Coup d’État

Culinary ambition on a grand scale challenges Uptown’s status quo.

Lake & Irving

The rise of the local-food movement has shifted regional fare back into fashion, and along with it arrives Lake & Irving, named for its location: an Uptown corner already home to the European-inspired Barbette and Amore Victoria.

The Salad Bar

A fast-casual veggie option takes to the skyway

The Mill Northeast

A brunch/dinner/drinks three-fer. The Mill NE marries two very different culinary ghosts.

Honey & Rye Bakehouse

The new St. Louis Park bread-and-pastry shop that popped up in a former dry-cleaner’s reflects both the rise of office casual and the daily procured loaf.

The Freehouse

True to its something-for-everyone ethos, the Blue Plate Restaurant company’s newest eatery, The Freehouse, paints a broad stroke, summed up by its slogan “breakfast to beer.”