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The doughnut-shop owner talks perfectionism and the new Bogart’s location

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Genetic testing reveals a wealth of data about you and your family. But when it comes to your DNA, how much information is too much?

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Make an appointment, be reassured, and follow up with a great, kid-friendly restaurant.

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Check out new fashion (both cool and hot) with new Minnesota Monthly Style editor Karen Schneider—and get ready to dance.

Mother's Day

One couple's remarkable seven-year journey of trying and testing, loving and fighting, researching, spending, worrying—and boldly hoping for a baby

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The onset of fall—and impending motherhood—have ratcheted up my obsession with home décor

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These three creative couples share their lives—as well as their stages, kitchens, and newsrooms. Now they share their origin stories, too.

September 2005 Letters to the Editor

Comments from readers regarding the last issue of Minnesota Monthly.