Editor's Letter: 3 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

When a lesbian couple I know pursued one of modern medicine’s assisted reproductive technologies (ART), it raised a lot of questions. Two wives; one...

Ready or Hot Fashion Show Review

Cool clothes, a crazy-fun crowd and lots of condoms add sizzle to a cold Minneapolis night

Ready or Hot

Check out new fashion (both cool and hot) with new Minnesota Monthly Style editor Karen Schneider—and get ready to dance.

How They Met

These three creative couples share their lives—as well as their stages, kitchens, and newsrooms. Now they share their origin stories, too.

Savvy Mom: A Sweet Ending to a Lousy Day

Make an appointment, be reassured, and follow up with a great, kid-friendly restaurant.

The Twin Cities' Greatest Hits 2012

Dig it. If all the world’s a song, these are the tastiest grooves in the Twin Cities right now. The best things to do, eat, drink, hear, watch, and wear, from the big hits (Trampled by Turtles, Bachelor Farmer) to the deep cuts (the best tailor, the dessert to die for). We did the digging. All you have to do is give it a spin.

Homing Instinct

The onset of fall—and impending motherhood—have ratcheted up my obsession with home décor

2012 Salary Survey: Who Makes What

Ever wonder how your paycheck compared to your barista's? Or our mayor's? We channeled our inner IRS agent to find out for you. Happy snooping.

Foreign Frontier

A trip into the territory of parenthood can seem exotic—till the seas turn Stormy, the skies darken, and the natives get restless

Slices of Wonder

Squarely in the middle of the sandwich generation, a daughter turned mother feels the squish