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Neighborhood Profiles

From the happening downtown nook to the outer-ring suburban oasis, the Twin Cities have it all, in a spread of condos, apartments and houses that can satisfy many budgets. And, since Minneapolis and St. Paul have highly rated city park systems, according to the Trust for Public Land, they’re all at the heart of a lush, amenity-rich metro. World-class attractions and landmarks draw in new residents while open-enrollment school districts keep families rooted. Among the Twin Cities’ neighborhoods and suburbs—all traversable by various, easy transportation options—here are some of our top recommendations, whether you want to buy, build, rent or remodel.

Great Neighborhoods: Cathedral Hill

This St. Paul neighborhood takes its name from the massive Cathedral of St. Paul. Beautiful Beaux-Arts architecture makes this hilltop Roman Catholic cathedral an iconic backdrop for neighborhood restaurants, for lovely homes and for...

Great Neighborhoods: Highland Park, St. Paul

If you are looking for that quintessential community feel, look no further than Highland Park.

Great Neighborhoods: Bloomington

Don’t let the population of over 85,000 fool you. Coming in as the fifth largest city in Minnesota, Bloomington is a close community at heart, with a diverse population that draws first-time homebuyers, families...

Great Neighborhoods: Northeast Minneapolis

The Northeast neighborhood makes Minnesotans think of two things: art and beer. Here, the Arts District is known for abundant galleries and studios. It’s where the annual springtime Art-A-Whirl festival shines a light on...

Great Neighborhoods in the Twin Cities

With active downtowns and suburban sanctuaries, the Twin Cities have a lot to love

Great Neighborhoods: North Loop & Downtown Minneapolis

Looking for hip digs in Minneapolis? Look north, and look east.

Great Neighborhoods: Chaska & Chanhassen

Move into a park paradise just southwest of the Twin Cities

Great Neighborhoods: Spots to Watch

From Upper Landing to Uptown, these neighborhoods and suburbs offer more to love

Great Neighborhoods: Wayzata & Excelsior

Lakeside living awaits in these west suburbs of Minneapolis
Revival at Keg and Case Market

Great Neighborhoods: West Seventh in St. Paul

Find your foodie haven in this headline-snatching, history-preserving St. Paul 'hood