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Neighborhood Profiles

Whether you’re looking to live a fast-paced life in the city or would rather have some room to roam, we’ve got it all in the Twin Cities. And, with a mix of houses, condos and apartments to meet every budget, it’s not hard to satisfy your home-buying needs in an area that simultaneously tugs at your heart and suits your lifestyle. The metro area boasts incredible green (and blue) amenities as well as world class attractions, landmarks and characteristics unique to each area. Easy transportation, open enrollment school districts and high living standards are just the icing on the cake. So whether you want to buy, build, rent or remodel, there are plenty of places for you to call home. Here are a few of our favorites.

Photo of a neighborhood in Woodbury

Twin Cities Living’s 2019 Neighborhoods to Watch

RENOVATED HAVENS: Edina While not a rule, Edina residents tend to be more affluent. It starts with its location—just southwest of Minneapolis and adjacent to two major highways that allow residents easy access to big...
Photo of boats on Lake Minnetonka

Living on the Water in Excelsior & Excelsior

Lake Minnetonka has long been a popular destination, first by resort-goers who spent summers by the water and now, long after hotels have left the area, by some of the Twin Cities’ more affluent...
Photo of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

The Perfect Parks of Chaska

There is no shortage of green space in Chaska; parks encompass its borders to the north and south in the scenic Minnesota River Valley. In this neighborhood southwest of the Twin Cities, explore the...
Photo of Excelsior & Grand in St. Louis Park

Friendly Communities in St. Louis Park

Just west of downtown Minneapolis sits an unassumingly idyllic neighborhood that attracts both families and young professionals, provides varied housing, and offers an easy commute to downtown Minneapolis by public transportation or bike. It’s...
Photo of diners at Muddy Waters

The Hip Haven of Uptown/Lyn-Lake, Minneapolis

Despite what its name suggests, the Uptown area is actually situated to the west (slightly southwest actually) of downtown Minneapolis, bordering the scenic Lake Bde Maka Ska. The district name may sound familiar—Prince’s hit...
Photo of The Bachelor Farmer

City Living in North Loop & Northeast, Minneapolis

If you stopped people on the streets and asked them what the hottest neighborhoods are in the Twin Cities, they’d likely say North Loop and Northeast, but if you’re talking with a local, it’s...
Photo of Highland Theater

Cohesive Community in Highland Park, St. Paul

If you are looking for that quintessential community feel, look no further than Highland Park. Condos and single-family Tudor-style homes dating from the 1920s and ’30s line the streets in and around Highland Park,...
Photo of Lowertown Clock

Riverside Dwelling in Lowertown St. Paul

Filled with artists, poets, musicians, handcrafters and makers, the urban village dubbed “Lowertown” sits at the edge of downtown St. Paul. Warehouses, railroad, banking and distribution buildings that were the hub of Minnesota’s largest...