Hennepin Theatre Trust is Now Hennepin Arts

The rebrand unifies the organization’s efforts, from theater to education and community initiatives, under a single identity

So long, Hennepin Theatre Trust. Now operating as Hennepin Arts, the nonprofit organization behind Minneapolis’ acclaimed theater district recently lifted the curtain on a major rebranding that aims to expand its cultural impact and energize downtown revitalization efforts. 

In a press release from Hennepin Arts, Vice President of Marketing and Communications Megan Kunz says the rebrand marks a natural evolution for the organization. “‘Hennepin’ connects to our unique place as a local destination and a place of origin for our reach across the state, and ‘Arts’ speaks to the breadth of our artistic endeavors. It embodies our deep roots along Hennepin Avenue while celebrating the expansive creativity that defines our mission.” 

As Hennepin Arts, the organization’s portfolio of programming—which spans theater, education, and community initiatives—is unified under one cohesive identity. From touring Broadway musicals to educational opportunities for high school students and beyond, Hennepin Arts seeks to represent a multifaceted approach to cultural enrichment. 

“We are excited to apply our new brand idea of multi-vibrancy,” Hennepin Arts President and CEO Todd Duesing says in the press release. “It encapsulates our energy, enthusiasm, and the profound impact we have across Minnesota. As we move forward, our brand will guide us in continuing to expand creative horizons and contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of downtown Minneapolis.” 

Hennepin Arts' new branding displayed on the marquee of the State Theatre
State Theatre

Courtesy of Hennepin Arts

Duesing notes that Broadway shows are a driving force of the downtown economy—the 2023-2024 season drew nearly 270,000 people to the Hennepin Theatre District, generating over $68 million in total economic impact. “As a prominent catalyst, we take pride in our role in invigorating downtown Minneapolis, catalyzing local commerce, job creation, and fueling the robust economic growth of the state,” Duesing says. 

Visit hennepinarts.org explore the brand’s refreshed identity and learn more about upcoming events. 

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