Minnesota Monthly’s Fine Spirits Classic

Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal

Welcome to the Fine Spirits Classic Sponsor & Exhibitor Portal. Below you will find all the details needed to have a successful and enjoyable experience as a sponsor or exhibitor at the upcoming Fine Spirits Classic event.

June 28, 2024

5:00 – 9:00 PM

Marketing Oppertunities


Please submit the list of products that you will be sampling at the event. These will be listed in the on-site tasting notes handed out to each guest at the event.

DUE: May 24 at 11:59 PM



Event Operations

Load-In and Load-Out


Omni Viking Lakes Hotel is located at the new Viking Lakes sports and recreation development in Eagan, MN. The physical address is Omni Viking Lakes Hotel | 2611 Nordic Way, Eagan, MN 55121

Load-in and Load-out will be done on the South side of the hotel. Please follow the directional signage when you arrive.

There will be no loading dock load-in/out unless special access is requested. Please contact Rick Krueger | rkrueger@greenspring.com.



Friday, June 28th | 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Friday, post event. Immediately after the event all vendors will break down and move out of the venue.


When you arrive at the venue for load-in, you make your way to the venue entrance. At the venue entrance you will check-in with event staff. You will collect your Exhibitor Staff Badges and you will be directed to your location on the event floor.


  • You must bring your own dolly/cart for moving your materials to your location.
  • All staff must be 21+.
  • No children or pets are allowed during load-in/out.
  • Please park in the location marked on the map below for load-in/out only.


Important Event Policies and Rules


Quantity: If you have purchased one standard exhibitor table space, you will receive 2 badges for the event. For other exhibitors/sponsors, the number of badges due will be noted on your contract. 

Additional Badges: Additional exhibitor badges can be ordered in advance for $35 each (50% discount). Personnel may purchase additional badges on site. 

Where to pick-up your badges: BADGES WILL BE PROVIDED DURING LOAD-IN. Additional badges purchased after 6/21 will be held at the Exhibitor Check-In Table.

Badge Guidelines: Badges must be displayed at all times inside the event, and will be checked. These badges are intended for staff personnel only. Exhibitors distributing their badge to others will have their badge confiscated. 

Tasting Glass Voucher: One complimentary asting glass coupon will accompany each badge, which you may redeem inside the venue at the Exhibitor Check-In table near the venue entrance. The voucher is good for one glass only. If a badge is shared, you will NOT be able to obtain a second glass. 


Exhibit areas must be staffed during show hours. All of your employees working the show during show hours must be at least 21 years of age. Have photo ID easily accessible. 

REMINDER: Anyone 21 and under are prohibited from the show floor at ALL times during the event and during move-in and move-out hours.


Your exhibit fee only includes a linen covered table and items explicitly listed on your contract. There is no pipe/drape. 

Please review your contract and media kit to determine the size of your space. If you are not a sponsor, your space will be 10×10.

Ice, ice tub for chilling bottles/cans, water pitchers and refuse buckets will be provided to exhibitors sampling alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Water and ice will be replenished throughout the show as needed. We are supplying all attendees with sampling glasses at the door. You are responsible for providing your own serving utensils, bottle openers, corkscrews, bar rags, product and personnel. If you want to serve your beverages in cups other than the provided glass (e.g. if pre-mixing cocktails), you must provide your own sampling cups. Remember to review any Minnesota Department of Health requirements if you are securing a temporary food permit. 

Restaurant partners are responsible for any cooking equipment, bar ware, plates, glasses, napkins, etc. You must provide any supplies needed to sample/serve your product. No open flames are allowed, no grills are allowed, no oil fryers are allowed in the venue. Remember to review any Minnesota Department of Health requirements if you are securing a temporary food permit. 

HAND WASHING STATION: You may rent a handwashing station on the Show Service Order Form

ELECTRICITY: If you need access to electricity, you must purchase it on the Show Service Order Form. Max power available is 120 volt/20 amp max. 


Exhibit Display Restrictions: Please be sensitive of your neighbors when setting up your display table. Show Management reserves the right to adjust your area if you are obstructing your neighbor or isle way.

Tents: No Tents. There can be no blockage between the ceiling sprinklers and your booth area. 

Signage / Decorations: All signage materials must look professional and be contained within the realm of your space/table. Decorations may NOT be taped, nailed, tacked, stapled or otherwise fastened to ceilings, doors, floors, walls, glass, columns, painted surfaces, fabric or decorative walls. Pressure-adhesive sticker/decals, gum or similar promotional items cannot be distributed or sold within the event. Decorations must be fireproof, and have proper documentation.

Literature and Noise Restrictions: Interviews, demonstrations, and distribution of literature must be done within the exhibitor’s space. You may not “work the aisles.” Amplified systems, loud music, or other noise which interferes with other exhibitors is prohibited. 

Other: Helium balloons and stickers are NOT allowed and they may not be sold, given or distributed within the facility.


At the end of your set-up, and at the end of the day, please place any excess trash neatly in front of your space and the venue staff will remove it.


You may have an entry box/container in your space for giveaways and drawings. A second entry box/container and entry forms must be placed on an alternate entry table located at the main attendee entrance to the event prior to the start. If the giveaway involves drawings throughout show hours, you are responsible for checking the second entry box for entries prior to conducting any scheduled winner drawings. It is your responsibility to remove the additional entry box from the lobby upon close of the show on Sunday. 

Entry boxes must clearly state the rules of your giveaway. If entries will be used to generate contact lists, or if entrants will be contacted or solicited in any way, the entry blank must bear a disclaimer or provide a box for entrants to ‘opt out’ from future communication. Drawings valued over $1,500 must obtain a City license. If your business is a non-profit, you have the option of applying for an exempt permit from the City of Eagan. For more information please contact the Minnesota State Public Safety Gambling Enforcement Agency. 

Remember, alcohol cannot be carried out of the event by attendees. It is illegal to give away bottles of alcohol on site!


No early deliveries to the venue are allowed. If you have questions please contact Rick Krueger | rkrueger@greenspring.com.